Tanning Salon Plan Approvals

Tanning Salon Plan Approvals

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For those of you who have taken over the Tanning program, have any of you done plan approvals for new salons yet? If so, how did you figure out your fee for that service? For example, here in Albany County, we charge the permit fee amount for a plan review(one time charge) for our restaurants and other facilities. We now have a company wanting to open up new tanning establishments(they already have them established in other counties) and I would like to be consistent with anyone who has already addrssed this issue. You can respond to me here, or directly by emial to mlenehan@albanycounty.com.
Thanks in advance for your assistance.
Marcia Lenehan

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Fee is set by statute. Fee

Fee is set by statute. Fee for 2 year permit is $30 and can include an inspection fee of $50 per bed. NYC will collect the fee and inspection fee at the time of registration. The facility self reports the number of UV devices.

NYSCEHD Postal Address:  Isaiah Sutton, NYSCEHD Chair, c/o Chenango County Health Department, 5 Court Street, Norwich, New York 13815

NYSCEHD Phone / email: Ph# 607-337-1678, email:isaiahs@co.chenango.ny.us